Gareth J YoungThanks for visiting. Presumably you’ve read something I’ve written, listened to a New Business Mindset podcast, or heard me speak somewhere and you’re interested in finding out a little more.

So what is this about?

Put very simply, it’s about living a more mindful and intentional life, not just at work but in everyday life.

Why does this matter? What does it have to do with me?

This leads to a richer and more fulfilling business and personal life; to greater happiness; to deeper and more intimate relationships; and to greater everyday peace. And it doesn’t require a major shift in your life or an overnight change: in fact you can use apply some simple techniques to this and grow in your current business role to become not just happier and better liked, but to become more successful – whether you measure that in sense of personal purpose, happiness, or wealth, or in terms of better customer service or higher sales in your business.

Watch this short video and ask yourself what your life would be like if you had a set of magic glasses:

Actually the magic glasses are not so magical after all: they represent a perspective that can be acquired through simply learning to pay attention and look more closely at the world, by gradually bringing the techniques that I spend time on in my work: “New Business Mindset” and “Join Me On A Pilgrimage…”

New Business Mindset is about how this applies to the the business world and can affect your business career and success. I write regular articles, publish email courses, deliver presentations to business groups, and host a radio show in which I interview business leaders about their journey to authenticity and A New Business Mindset.

Join Me On A Pilgrimage… is a deeper and more mature journey into personal growth. It is a series of writings (blog and book) and presentations to groups (including congregations, adult education classes, and other keynote presentations) about matters of spirituality, interfaith, science, and contemporary culture to dig deeper into awareness and interconnectedness, and to move into a happier, more fulfilling, and more successful life.

Thanks for diving in. I look forward to having you along!